Mesh Candy at Larta Institute

IoT Startup continues Awareness Campaign

Los Angeles, CA, March 23, 2019 - Mesh Candy, Mothership Medical and Tenacore Holdings, Inc, all co-founded by Mesh Candy CEO Brand Caso, were invited to attend and present at the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) Biosciences Workforce Development Council Meeting on Friday, March 23, 2019. 


Representatives of leading healthcare institutions and associations in Los Angeles enagaged freely on the realities of innovation and commercialization in the sector. In attendance and participating were Carolyn Hull from the LAEDC, Rohit Shukla and Carlos Gutierrez from Larta Institute, Dina Lozofsky from BioCom, Kathryne Cooper from Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Dr Keith Hoffman from LA BioMed, Dr Barry Jordan from Rancho Los Amigos, Andy Lin from CalTech, Brian Cronin from Human Designs, Richard Verches from CCW and Rahul Singh from Mothership Medical. 


The core of the conversation centered around workforce development after the innovation has been capitalized and commercialized. Representatives from the community colleges were engaged to attempt to place their students in bioscience jobs after graduation. Mr Caso represented the employer class looking for talent with both hard and soft skills in manufacturing devices for the industry, he said: 


"Consider that most metro areas in soCal have zero occupancy for manufacturing companies with 50,000 square feet or more. Also consider that we have a staff of 110 employees and are projecting exponential growth in all of our business units for 2019. How is the talent going to capitalize on all of the opportunities available to them? How are the educational institutions preparing them for positions in manufacturing? Tenacore is making big investments in the commercialization of cloud connected operational devices like Mesh Candy and Mothership Medical and in the innovations for human organ development in bio-reactors, the next gen is going to have be both knowledge workers but also capable of understanding precision in manufacturing and quality control. Without both of those skillsets, the capitalization and commercialization wont prove to be scalable and the innovation will fail." 

About Mesh Candy: Mesh Candy sells smart sensor data networks to hospitals and other healthcare sites. Our IoT compliance solutions are needed at these institutions for regulatory compliance with the Joint Commission and for CMS/CDC/ASHRAE audits related to Medicare.




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