Mesh Candy Joins ScaleLA

IoT Startup for Healthcare Industry Readies for Scale

Los Angeles, CA, March 01, 2019 - For a thoughtful in-revenue startup with a granted patent and double digit client count, growth is slow for technologies that need institutional absorptive capacity. For Mesh Candy, after a three-year R&D period and the first year of traction with paying clients, the next growth step is both daunting and exciting. The prospective opportunities are no longer limited to local clients but rather, faced with the ability to now sell and deploy at a national scale, the company needs to be prepared with growth capital and the right partnerships. For that purpose, Mesh Candy has partnered with ScaleLA to join the 10th Floor effective immediately.


Mesh Candy executive, Sergio C. Muñoz, spent a rainy February Tuesday morning at Rustic Canyon talking with Taylor McPartland, CEO of ScaleLA, about the potential synergy. Mr. McPartland explained the vision of ScaleLA, saying, “Our goal is to make the Los Angeles area the next hub of healthcare innovation. In order to reach that goal, we need to be laser focused on the companies that join us on the 10th Floor and the ways that we provide value to them. We want to work with companies that believe what we believe, we want to help them raise, scale, and partner with industry leaders who see both the potential and the need.”


The Mesh Candy founding partners, Brand Caso and Peter Bonin, plus a staff of five, know the company has reached a point where they need to begin to wean the roll-out from their parent company and scale on their own. Currently, the parent company, Tenacore Holdings Inc, a manufacturer and repair depot of capital equipment for the healthcare industry, provides a shared client list to Mesh Candy of approximately 1,200 leading national hospitals, surgery centers, laboratories, pharmacies and physician offices.


Muñoz details, “When you receive the level of support that we have from a parent company, it becomes difficult to know when it is time to leave the nest and fly on our own.” He continued, “As we field partnership opportunities from huge network integrators working with Cerner or Epic, or even the integrators working with our current cloud partner, AWS, to deploy thousands of our IoT compliance solutions, we need to make sure that our infrastructure is capable of handling that type of growth over the next three years. We believe our friends on the 10th Floor can help us with our evolution.”


Mesh Candy is preparing for a year of “IoT in Healthcare” awareness campaigns at MedTech Innovator, Startup Worldcup, First Look SoCal with the Alliance for SoCal Innovation, Octane’s Technology Innovation Forum and ending the year in October at the Los Angeles Venture Association’s Meet the VC event at the Annenberg Beach House.


Muñoz is a board member at the Los Angeles Venture Association (LAVA) and also a signatory with Mayor Eric Garcetti’s VC-rich diversity initiative called PledgeLA. Muñoz says, “This is our year to shine and scale. There are so many wonderful organizations in Southern California working together to create our impact in the healthcare industry. I am deeply involved with many of them including the frontier investor and entrepreneur connections being performed by Len Lanzi, Executive Director at LAVA. Lanzi says, “Sergio is at the forefront of identifying and nurturing new innovations.  As a LAVA board member his focus on underserved communities and startups which will scale and provide excellent job opportunities is indicative of our commitment to the startup ecosystem diversity and success.”


Mesh Candy CEO, Brand Caso, is a Golden Eagle alumnus of Cal State LA. Caso plans to leverage resources and programs at his alma mater to grow Mesh Candy. Special collaborations are in the works with leading biologists and chemists in SoCal University circles relative to the safe storage of biologicals like vaccines, especially in federally funded programs like Vaccines for Children.


Mesh Candy has raised a significant Founder, Friends & Family Round and secured their first outside investment from Nex Cubed, a leading Frontier Technology, Aerospace and Digital Health Accelerator based in San Francisco, Washington D.C. and San Diego, respectively. Dr. Daniel Haders II, Managing Director Healthcare Tech at Nex Cubed said, “We have been impressed with Mesh Candy's growth both during our program and post-graduation. We always look for three things before investing in a company - can the team execute, do they have product-market fit and can they sell. Mesh Candy's significant client and revenue growth is a testament to their team's ability to execute and sell, but also to understanding their customers needs and creating a platform that clients both large and small need today and tomorrow."


About Mesh Candy: Mesh Candy sells smart sensor data networks to hospitals and other healthcare sites. Our IoT compliance solutions are needed at these institutions for regulatory compliance with the Joint Commission and for CMS/CDC/ASHRAE audits related to Medicare.




If you would like more information on IoT innovation in the healthcare industry or any information featured in this press release, please email or call Sergio C. Muñoz at 714.947.1245

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