Mesh Candy is a California corporation selling Smart Sensor Data Networks to the healthcare industry. 

We have a granted Utility Patent, 9,830,483

Mesh Candy sells these Nodes

iOS App
Android App

These nodes are utilized to create a network of sensors that automate the measuring of certain variables within healthcare sites.  The measurements are automatically sent to a companion app that has an alert feature and a reporting mechanism. The alert system is pre-programmed to notify the client in case of emergency with their choice of Text, Email, Telephone or Push.    


The most popular utilization among our client base is:    


1. Environmental Monitoring for Temperature, Absolute Pressure, and Humidity  

2. Asset Tracking for Equipment Infrastructure  

3. People Tracking   

4. Wayfinding     


Our pricing desk is flexible to the needs of the client. Our channel partner, Tenacore, is a qualified vendor in most healthcare sites nationwide.   

Sales Inquiry 
(714) 371-9929

1525 East Edinger Avenue

Santa Ana, CA 92705


Qualified Opportunity Zone

Founders: Brand Caso and Peter Bonin

Software Developer, Clyde Ombina

Service Technician, Drew Johnson

EVP: Sergio C. Muñoz




SoCal First Look!

"Congratulations!  After a careful review by a team of EIRs and Investors, the Mesh Candy presentation has been chosen to present!  You will be presenting in the Technology Track." To see the entire post, visit here...

Mesh Candy on ScaleLA

May 01, 2019: Mesh Candy CEO Brand Caso publishes on ScaleLA's Blog about the human side of digital transformation at scale in the healthcare industry. Thank you to our friends Taylor McPartland and David Turkell for their support. To see the entire post, visit ScaleLA.

Mesh Candy + LEAP BioMed

IoT Startup welcomes LEAP BioMed Innovators to Santa Ana 

April 24, 2019: Mesh Candy and LEAP connected at the most recent SoCalBio meeting at Perkins Coie in Century City. Mesh Candy is housed within Tenacore Holdings, Inc., one of the largest medical device manufacturers in the US with twenty years of experience in the sector. We welcome LEAP BioMed Innovators to our 35,000 SQFT manufacturing facility and we look forward to future collaboration between our braintrusts.

Mesh Candy Deploys!

IoT Startup for Healthcare Industry Deploys 27 Nodes 

April 14, 2019: Mesh Candy initiated our flavor of "digital transformation" at two hospitals in California that are assessed to have high quality health care services for improving the quality of life within its community. We deployed 27 nodes of our Internet of Things (IoT) solution in specific operating rooms for a critical use case of environmental monitoring, asset tracking of durable mobile medical equipment and regulatory compliance. 

"In these challenging times, employers are driving vital changes in healthcare by fostering innovations that improve quality and lower costs. Ultimately, this will be one of many elements of a more dynamic and affordable health system. The pace of change, however, will depend on the formation of new alliances among purchasers and motivated providers. By working together, we can accelerate a national commitment to delivering greater value to patients and to society as a whole."

Mesh Candy Joins ScaleLA

IoT Startup for Healthcare Industry Readies for Scale

Los Angeles, CA, March 01, 2019 - For a thoughtful in-revenue startup with a granted patent and double digit client count, growth is slow for technologies that need institutional absorptive capacity. For Mesh Candy, after a three-year R&D period and the first year of traction with paying clients, the next growth step is both daunting and exciting. The prospective opportunities are no longer limited to local clients but rather, faced with the ability to now sell and deploy at a national scale, the company needs to be prepared with growth capital and the right partnerships. For that purpose, Mesh Candy has partnered with ScaleLA to join the 10th Floor effective here to read more.

Mesh Candy at Larta Institute

IoT Startup continues Awareness Campaign

Los Angeles, CA, March 23, 2019 - Mesh Candy, Mothership Medical and Tenacore Holdings, Inc, all co-founded by Mesh Candy CEO Brand Caso, were invited to attend and present at the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) Biosciences Workforce Development Council Meeting here to read more.

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